What is Muvika Karaoke Pro?

Muvika Karaoke Pro is a karaoke streaming service that is licensed for professional use in Europe. It’s available for restaurants and other public venues and events. With a monthly subscription you will get thousands of songs for your business use. Muvika Pro can be used on a computer, tablet or smartphone device.

We have over 98,000 songs in English, 19,000 songs in Spanish, 10,000 songs in Portuguese, and several thousands more in other languages including German, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian and Swedish.



Muvika’s user interface is extremely easy to use. You will find all the necessary functions to create and edit your own playlists. The intelligent search makes sure that you find the songs you’ll are looking for.

Muvika streaming service has a very comprehensive catalog of nearly 200,000 high quality karaoke songs. In addition to English songs, most European languages are well covered. Please contact us for details!

With Muvika Songbook your customers can browse, search and add new songs to the playlist without assistance.

Let the SmartQ intelligent rotation manager take care of the singers in the queue. You can still take control at any time, of course.

The background music player can fill the gaps between karaoke songs, or whenever nobody is singing. Just choose the genres and decades you like.

With a single click you can set the vocal guide track on and off.

Muvika Pro pricing

Monthly subscription 299 € / m. All songs available, cancellable at any time, no other costs.

One day subscription 49 € / 24h. All songs available for 24 hours. Renewable anytime.

On-demand 0,57 € / played song. Cancellable at any time, no other costs. All songs included.

VAT will be added to all the prices mentioned above when applicable.

Special offers available for fixed-term contracts and associations. Please ask for an offer!

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