What is Muvika Karaoke?

Muvika Karaoke is a revolutionary online karaoke service. Featuring unlimited access to nearly 200 000 high quality karaoke songs. The service can be used either on the go with any web browsing device by logging in to Muvika Online Karaoke or by using our state of the art streaming device, Muvika Box.

Muvika Online Karaoke

With Muvika Online Karaoke you will get access to nearly 200 000 karaoke songs for a small monthly subscription fee. The service can be used anytime, anywhere with a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. It is the first web based streaming service to deliver all the functionality you have come to expect when singing karaoke: timed lyrics, key control, playlist and smart song search.

You have unlimited access to our song catalog, and new songs are added frequently. All of our songs are fully licensed, high quality karaoke videos. For the European market, we have songs in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, French and Italian.

Subscription fee is 9.95 euros per month. First month is free.

Muvika Box

Muvika Box is a powerful computerized karaoke player that combines a digital microphone mixer and the Muvika online streaming player. Muvika Box turns your home entertainment system into a karaoke party! Connect to your home network, TV and sound system – plug in the enclosed high quality microphone and let your inner Rock Star come out!