Digital distribution of music, movies and software has rapidly replaced physical sales of CD’s and DVD’s. The increase in popularity of on-demand streaming services is dramatically changing the way we consume media. The few karaoke streaming services currently on the market are designed for computer use and have failed to deliver the “karaoke experience” that people at home are accustomed to. They have very limited song libraries and are not interactive.

The Muvika Karaoke service features the classics as well as the latest chart hits in English, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese and German. The latest addition to our catalog is Party Tyme Karaoke. Party Tyme Karaoke is one of the most recognized karaoke brands in the US and Canada. For over 20 years Party Tyme Karaoke discs have been featured in major retail store chains like ToysRus and Walmart. The entire catalog has been upgraded into beautiful HD and looks amazing on any size TV!

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