Muvika Box karaoke device

Muvika Box karaoke device

Muvika Box karaoke streaming player turns your home entertainment system into a complete karaoke system. A microphone and a remote controller is included with the device, and it has all the needed mixer and tuning options. Connect to your home Internet network (Wifi or wired), your TV and home sound system, and you can start singing. Muvika Box streams videos straight from our servers using your Internet connection. There is also a built-in hard drive, which can store your favorite songs for instant access. Karaoke has never been this easy!

With the remote controller you can easily access all features from your couch. The remote has a full qwerty keyboard, which makes it easy to find songs.

When you purchase Muvika Box, you get 6 months free subscription for Muvika Karaoke service.

Temporarily out of stock.

Package contents & technical information:

  • High quality microphone
  • Smart remote controller with air mouse and keyboard
  • Muvika Box Pro streaming karaoke player with:
    • HDMI & VGA video output for TV connection
    • WiFi & LAN network connection (internet connection required)
    • Digital & analog audio output
    • Dual micrphone input
  • Microphone cable, HDMI cable, RCA cable and power supply
  • Instructions manual
  • 6 month free subscription to Muvika streaming karaoke service

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